Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Cheat Codes

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Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Cheats

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All fighters and alternate costumes
No damage for player one
Infinite spirit energy
Survival mode
Tag Team mode
Dark Tournament Pro mode
Cave arena
Cliff arena
Crashed arena
Dark arena
Training Dojo arena
Play as Bui
Play as Chu
Play as Doctor Itchigaki
Play as Elder Toguro
Play as Gama
Play as Jin
Play as Karasu
Play as Kuro Momotaro
Play as M1
Play as M2
Play as M3
Play as Makintaro
Play as Rinku
Play as Risho
Play as Roto
Play as Shishi Wakamaru
Play as Suzuka
Play as Toguro
Play as Touya
Play as Younger Toguro
Play as Zeru
Bui's alternate costume
Elder Toguro's alternate costume
Hiei's alternate costume
Kurama's alternate costume
Kuwabara's alternate costume
Younger Toguro's alternate costume
Yusuke's alternate costume
Captain Special Token
Gambler Special Token
Gatasubal Special Token
Ogre Special Token
Sakyo Special Token
Spirit Egg Special Token
Yoko Kurama Special Token
Yukina Special Token
All chapters
All environments
All cards
All modes
No damage for player two
Turbo mode
Easy wins with M3
Regeneration with Mankintaro
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Cheat Codes Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament