Play As Shin Akuma (Gouki) Cheat Code

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Play As Shin Akuma (Gouki) - Street Fighter Alpha 2

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How To: Play as Shin Akuma (Gouki)

At the character selection screen, highlight Akuma (Gouki). Then, hold Select and press Down, Right(2), Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right(3). Now press a button to choose, then release Select. When the fight begins, a sign will appear on top of Akuma (Gouki), and he will look black for an instant. To access this character easier in the future, win or lose the whole game. Return to the character select screen. Highlight Akuma (Gouki) and hold Select for five seconds. Press a button to select a color for Super Akuma.
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Cheat Code Play as Shin Akuma (Gouki)