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Submitted by: Peppage ( ike021 (@t) yahoo.com )

Three Tower Puzzle

To be able to proceed to Elfrea, you must first solve the Three Tower Puzzle. You will be told that the order to complete the Towers is Blue Green Red. This does not mean that you must explore the Towers in that order, but rather the order to place the colored Jade stone on the corresponding Pedestal.

Explore the Blue Tower and find the Green Jade. Explore the Green Tower and find a broken Red Sapphire. Explore the Red Tower and defeat the Ghost. After the Ghost is defeated a new are in the basement will reveal the Green Jade. Now return to the Cave near Medan and talk to the Old Man in the Cave. He will give you access to his Treasure Room where you will find the Red Sapphire which is has hidden for safe keeping. Now return to the Towers in the order specified (Blue Green Red). Find the Blue Pedestal in the Blue Tower and use the Blue Jade, then Green,
then Red. When the Red Sapphire has been put in place, you will be teleported to Elfrea.

The Four Pirates buttons

The order to push the floor switches outside the Pirate's Room of the Pirate Tower is:

| 1 4 |
| |
| 3 2 |

Then step on the switch outside the door and the door will open.
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