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Forest Fortress - U.N. Squadron

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How To: Forest Fortress


Take all your weapons, just in case... There is a Unicorn just before the fortress, immediately after the ground-based missile launching grids, but I can't figure out exactly where it is. Get to the level where you can hit the front cannon and the aircraft launcher at the same time. You can stay here and clear out the whole front of the fortress. Don't move until you knock out the last cannon. Raise up and hit the big cannon low. Use you cluster bomb or regular bomb to take out the last aircraft. The cannon will blow up if you hit it hard. Next, hit the rocket launcher. Drop a few bombs on it at the same time you shoot at the second large cannon. Get the fuel-up at the end. Take out the rear small cannons the same way you did the front cannons. Go back to the rocket launcher and take'em out. (When you turn around for a second pass, there's an Energy power-up at almost the same height as the small turrets. Shoot the end one from the right, and it should appear.)
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Cheat Code Forest Fortress