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Cheat Codes Super NES

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Super NES Game Titles

R.P.M. Racing
Radical Rex
Ranma Half: Hard Battle
Ranma Half: Super Battle
Ren And Stimpy Show: Time Warp, The
Ren And Stimpy Show: Veediots, The
Revolution X
Riddick Bowe Boxing
Rise Of The Robots
Rival Turf
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Robocop 3
Robocop vs. Terminator
Rock 'n' Roll Racing
Rocketeer, The
Rocko's Modern Life
Rocky Rodent
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4: Wall Of Fire
R-Type 3: The Third Lightning
Run Saber
Rushing Beat

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Cheat Codes Super NES