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Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball Cheats

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See through swimsuit
Easy money
Extra items
Bonus songs
Swimsuits in exhibition mode
Disable commentary
Ending bonus
Ending sequence
Soundtrack change
Ayane with Mermaid suit
Ayane with Raccoon suit
Christie with cat ears
Hitomi with Cheerleading suit
Hitomi with cat ears
Kasumi with army hat and gear
Leifang wearing almost nothing
Leifang with Panda suit
Leifang with phoenix
Lisa with leopard ears
Tina with rabbit or cat ears
Tina with Black Cat suit
Getting Tina as your first partner
Keeping on good terms with your partner
Selecting a partner
Moving your partner
Managing your items
Good serve
Toss wisely
Control ball during spike
Preventing cheap shots
Finding an easy match
Detecting bad emotions on the court
Force replay
Lock view
Give any girl a swimsuit
Give any girl the Venus swimsuit
Increasing your swimsuit inventory
Keeping items fresh
Hopping game views
Casino action
Win big at roulette
Preferred gifts

    Ayane: Peridot, Marrons Glace, Shuriken
    Christie: Turquoise, Tomato Juice, Steering Wheel, Collar
    Helena: Garnet, Blancmange, Seaworld Ticket, Dolphin Brooch, Dolphin Clock
    Hitomi: Emerald, Sachetorte, Frying Pan, Microwave, Recipe
    Kasumi: Amethyst, Strawberry Millefeuille, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Shuriken
    Lei Fong: Diamond, Chinese Dessert, Aroma Pot, Panda
    Lisa: Ruby, Cherry Pie, Research Book
    Tina: Turquoise, Prototype Xbox, Sapphire Brooch, Lobster, Crab

  • Likes and dislikes

      Ayane: Hates Kasumi, Zack, Origami
      Christie: Likes Lisa
      Helena: Likes Christie; Hates Meat Buns
      Hitomi: Likes Tina; hates Zack, Guitars, Scholarly Books, Tomatoes, Tarot Cards, Guns
      Kasumi: Hates Ayane
      Leifang: Likes everyone
      Lisa: Likes Tina
      Tina: Likes Lisa and Hitomi

  • Character data
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