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Fable Cheats

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Research Fable Cheat Codes

Easy money
Easy experience
Easy magic experience
Easy high combat multiplier
Easy renown
Easy stealing from stores
Increasing Good alignment
Increasing Evil alignment
Buy all buildings in town
Getting businesses
Winning timed tavern games
Sleeping in houses without getting in trouble
Ending sequences
Free hairstyles
Developer Style haircut
Extra maneuverability with Fireball magic
Rolling and shooting as an archer
Sword Of Aeons
Continue game
Marrying Lady Grey
Bandit King mission
Door whispers "Shit"
Get into Fisher Creek house
Get into Orchard Farm house after doing all the Orchard Farm missions
Get Headmans Hill silver key and Headmans Cave silver chest without marrying Lady Grey
Defeating the undead
Defeating difficult enemies
Defeating the Rock Troll
Big muscles
Funny events
Funny graves in Albion
Demon Door in Barrow Fields
Easy money in Bowerstone South
Easy experience in Bowerstone South
Key in Bowerstone South
Demon Door in Cemetery
Easy experience in Cemetery
Pirates Of The Caribbean reference in Cemetery
Easy experience in Cliffside Path
Easy Evil points in Darkwood
Easy money in Darkwood
Key in Darkwood
Demon Door in Darkwood Marsh
Key in Darkwood Swamp
Key in Darkwood
Demon Door in Greatwood Cave
Demon Door in Greatwood Gorge
Easy money in Greatwood Gorge
Key in Greatwood Lake
Easy Strength experience in Grey House
Keys in Grey House
Key in Guild Woods
Demon Door in Hero's Guild
Easy experience in Hobbe Cave
Easy experience in Hook Coast
Easy money in Hook Coast
Key in Hook Coast
Demon Door in Knothole Glade
Easy health, experience, and money in Knothole Glade
Easy stealing in Knothole Glade
Increase Evil alignment in Knothole Glade
Key in Knothole Glade
White Balverine Quest in Knothole Glade
Key in Lookout Point
Keys in Nostro's Cemetery
Easy money in Oakvale Cemetery
Key in Oakvale Cemetery
Frying Pan in Orchard Farm
Key in Orchard Farm
Demon Door in Rose Cottage
Easy money in Rose Cottage
Infinite keys in Rose Cottage
Key in Rose Cottage
Donations in Temple Of Avo
Gaining good alignment in Temple Of Avo
Demon Door in TwinBlade's Camp
Free followers in TwinBlade's Camp
Key in TwinBlade's Camp
Keys in Windmill Hill
Key in Witchwood Stones
Removing sword from stone in Witchwood Stones
Day-night cycling
Specialty food items

    Carrot: This gives you +3 Skill Exp.
    Crunchy Chick: +5 Evil Points
    Fish: This Gives you +3 Will Exp
    Golden Carrot: Changes night into day
    Moon Fish: Changes day into night
    Red Meat: This gives you +3 Strength Exp.
    Tofu: +5 Good Points

  • Potions

      Ages Of Might Potion: Might experience; changes with multiplier
      Ages Of Skill Potion: Skill experience; changes with multiplier
      Ages Of Will Potion: Will Experience; changes with multiplier
      Health Elixir: Increases Health bar
      Health Potion: Restores Health
      Will Masters Elixir: Increases Will Pool
      Will Potions: Restores Will Power

  • Legendary weapons
    Good character development
    Easy money in Oakvale
    Easy Strength and Skill points in Oakvale
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