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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats

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Permanent super shot with large crossbow
Permanent triple shot
Permanent reflect shot
Permanent Pojo the Chicken
Permanent Anti-Death
Permanent invisibility
Permanent x-ray vision
Permanent full turbo
Permanent shrink enemy and growth
Always have nine potions and keys
Run quickly
Throw quickly
10,000 gold per level
Dwarf is a large jester
Dwarf in S&M costume
Jester is a stick figure with smiley face
Jester is a stick figure with baseball cap head
Jester is a stick figure with Mohawk head
Knight is a Roman centurion
Knight is a ninja (sword and claws) costume
Knight is a bald man in street clothes (Sean Gugler)
Knight is an orange-skirted waitress
Knight wears street clothes (Chris Sutton)
Knight wears street clothes
Knight wears street clothes and baseball cap
Knight is a quarterback
Knight wears black karate outfit with twin scythes
Knight wears black outfit and cape
Valkyrie as the grim reaper with bloody scythe
Valkyrie as a Japanese school girl
Valkyrie as a cheerleader with baton
Warrior with an ogre costume
Warrior as an Orc Boss
Warrior with a rat head
Wizard with an evil appearance
Wizard as an undead lich
Wizard as a pharaoh
Wizard as an alien
Wizard as Sumner
Bonus levels
Maximum character attributes
Easy experience
Mini Mr. T. Dwarf
Defeating Bosses
Defeating Generals
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Cheat Codes Gauntlet: Dark Legacy