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Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats

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Full health
Full armor
All weapons
Infinite ammunition
Extra money
Lower wanted level
Higher wanted level
Flying (Dodo) car
Tank (Rhino)
Destroy all cars
Better driving skills
Increased gore
Overcast skies
Normal weather
Speed up time
Alternate costumes
Pedestrians riot
Pedestrians attack
All pedestrians have weapons
Invisible cars
Faster game play
Slower game play
Infinite Flamethrowers
Infinite Health icons
Infinite Adrenaline Pills
Police bribe
Faster taxis
Bonus Buggy
Easy "infinite" run
Stealing police cars
Use cars as a bomb
Getting guns
Hidden packages
Programmer message
Regain health
Get to Staunton Island early
Flying Dodo car
Fast tank
Flying tank
Tank storage
Free repairs
Free paint jobs
Drive-by shooting
Secret race-type mission in Staunton Island
Yardie Lobo car in Staunton Island
Hidden package in Staunton Island
Fastest car in Portland
Mini-game in Portland
Flamethrower in Portland
Molotov cocktails in Portland
Drive on elevated train tracks in Portland
Avoid police chases
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Cheat Codes Grand Theft Auto 3