Easy Silent Assassin Rank On Secret Valley Cheat Code

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Easy Silent Assassin Rank On Secret Valley - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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How To: Easy Silent Assassin rank on Secret Valley

A sniper rifle is required for this trick At the Tracking Hayamoto level, add a sniper rifle to your inventory. When you complete that level, you will have the sniper rifle with you at the start of the Secret Valley level. When the level starts, take out the sniper covering the entrance to the tunnel with your sniper rifle. Wait until a cargo truck arrives. Look at your map and make sure that all of the men guarding the entrance are looking towards the alley before getting inside the back of the truck. Duck and wait until the truck stops. Get out of the truck and save the game at this point. Run until you reach the location where three guards are patrolling the way, up and down. Hide behind a pillar in the middle of the way and wait until the guard in front of you turns around and begins patrolling downwards. The guards are patrolling in a zigzag pattern. Do the same thing without getting spotted by the guard patrolling upwards. You will probably get spotted a few times before managing to do this successfully. Save the game after you have passed the guards and reach a safe location. Look at the map to see four guards blocking the way. Wait until a truck to arrive, but do not jump into it. The guards will check the truck and they will spot you if you hide inside it. Instead, wait until the truck reaches the guards, and they start to check it. Walk on the right side of the road and sneak by the guards while they are checking the truck. Save the game after you have passed the guards. Afterwards, you will reach a place with three guards patrolling up and down again. Use the same trick done previously and save the game afterwards. Look at your map to see many guards blocking the way out. Move towards the ladder at the upper corner at the map. Be careful, as a guard is patrolling the place. Do not kill or knock out the guard. Get past the guard and go up the ladder. Watch out for the sniper and avoid him at all costs by running towards the trees directly in front of you. Afterwards, just run to the exit and you will have completed the level with a Silent Assassin rank.
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Cheat Code Easy Silent Assassin rank on Secret Valley