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Lord Of The Rings, The: The Return Of The King Cheats

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Full health
Infinite missile weapons
Always devastating
Perfect mode
All attack upgrades
Target indicator
Aragorn three-hit combo
Aragorn four-hit combo
Aragorn level 2 skills
Aragorn level 4 skills
Aragorn level 6 skills
Aragorn level 8 skills
Aragorn gains 1,000 experience points
Aragorn has all special abilities
Aragorn restore missiles
Faramir four-hit combo
Faramir level 2 skills
Faramir level 4 skills
Faramir level 6 skills
Faramir level 8 skills
Faramir gains 1,000 experience points
Faramir restore missiles
Frodo four-hit combo
Frodo level 2 skills
Frodo level 4 skills
Frodo level 6 skills
Frodo level 8 skills
Frodo gains 1,000 experience points
Frodo restore missiles
Gandalf three-hit combo
Gandalf four-hit combo
Gandalf level 2 skills
Gandalf level 4 skills
Gandalf level 6 skills
Gandalf level 8 skills
Gandalf gains 1,000 experience points
Gandalf has all special abilities
Gandalf restore missiles
Gimli four-hit combo
Gimli level 2 skills
Gimli level 4 skills
Gimli level 6 skills
Gimli level 8 skills
Gimli gains 1,000 experience points
Gimli restore missiles
Legolas three-hit combo
Legolas four-hit combo
Legolas level 2 skills
Legolas level 4 skills
Legolas level 6 skills
Legolas level 8 skills
Legolas gains 1,000 experience points
Legolas has all special abilities
Legolas restore missiles
Merry four-hit combo
Merry level 2 skills
Merry level 4 skills
Merry level 6 skills
Merry level 8 skills
Merry gains 1,000 experience points
Merry restore missiles
Pippin four-hit combo
Pippin level 2 skills
Pippin level 4 skills
Pippin level 6 skills
Pippin level 8 skills
Pippin gains 1,000 experience points
Pippin restore missiles
Sam four-hit combo
Sam level 2 skills
Sam level 4 skills
Sam level 6 skills
Sam level 8 skills
Sam gains 1,000 experience points
Sam restore missiles
Play as Faramir
Play as Frodo
Play as Merry
Play as Pippin
Share experience co-operatively
Share health co-operatively
Infinite respawns in co-operative mode
All actor interviews
Palantir of Saruman level
Palantir of Sauron level
Play as Faramir
Play as Merry
Play as Pippen
Andy Serkis interview
Billy Boyd interview
David Menham interview
Dom Monaghan interview
Easy combo attacks
Hidden trailer
Killing enemies
Outnumbered battles
Purchasing upgrades
Link moves
Entering Perfect mode
Cirith Ungol
Paths Of The Dead
Double kill in multi-player mode
Killing Orcs in Road To Isengard
Easy experience in Shelob's Lair
Easy experience in South Gate
Siege towers in Walls Of Minas Tirith
Defeating the King Of The Dead
Defeating Gollum in Crack Of Doom
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Cheat Codes Lord Of The Rings, The: The Return Of The King