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Ninja Gaiden Cheats

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Always have starting costume
Alternate costumes
Dabilahro Sword
Plasma Saber
Plasma Saber Mk. II
Skip FMV sequences
All FMV sequences
Very hard difficulty
Original Ninja Gaiden mini-game
Original Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword Of Chaos mini-game
Original Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship Of Doom mini game
Playing classic games easier
Armlet Of Benediction
Armlet Of Fortune
Armlet Of Tranquillity
Dark Dragon Blade
Healing Bracelet
Life of the Gods
Sprit of the Devils
Unlabored Flawlessness
War Hammer
Windmill Shuruken
In-game reset
Special attack
Kill enemies quickly
Finishing kill
Less battle damage
Longer wall running
Easy Essence
More items
Obtaining rewards
Unlock safe in monk's room
Defeating Alma
Defeating Black Spider Ninjas
Defeating Doku
Defeating Spirit Doku
Defeating the Dragon Boss
Defeating Spirit Piranha
Defeating Worms
Defeating Zombies
Item locations
Ninja Gaiden passwords
Ninja Gaiden 2 passwords
Ninja Gaiden 3 passwords
Dragon sword extra attacks

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