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Sengoku Musou Cheats

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Special names
Special names (Japanese version)
Alternate costumes
Play as Goemon
Play as Keiji Maeda
Play as Kunoichi
Play as Magoichi
Play as Masamune Date
Fight against Masamune Date
Play as Nobunaga Oda
Play as Noh
Play as Okuni
Play as Ranmaru Mori
Play as Shingen
Use the Death element on your weapons
Quick stand from falling
Body Guard Manual
Kankestuba Saddle
Matsukaze Saddle
War Ration
Easy items
Easy experience
Easy health
Regain horse's full health
Guan Yu and Dong Zhou reference
Two Kunoichis
Enemy strength
Easy third or fourth weapons
Level 5 weapons
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Cheat Codes Sengoku Musou