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Ma Chao's Special Item - Shin Sangoku Musou 2

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How To: Ma Chao's special item

Play with Ma Chao on the hard difficulty setting in the Tong Gate level. Ma Chao is the main general. They must kill General Han Sui, but he is on your side. First, you must kill Cao Ren and Cao Hong. Then, wait for Xu Huang to bring his army. Watch Cao Cao and make sure he moves away from Xaihou Yuan. Then, kill Xiahou Yuan. Wait for Cao Cao to move further up the field. Walk across the bridge and go towards Cao Cao. Do not attack his men or him. He should walk across the bridge to the field. Cao Cao will then talk to Han Sui. Wait about five minutes and do anything except attack Cao Cao. Han Sui should defect after awhile. Make sure you have Hex Mark or Red Hare -- when you kill Han Sui you must run to the gate on the top right corner of the screen. A supply unit will appear and try to retreat to there. Kill the supply unit and you will get Ma Chao's fourth weapon, which gives Jump +21, Mounted Attack +60, Mounted Defense +60, and Reach +21.
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Cheat Code Ma Chao's special item