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Soul Calibur 2 Cheats

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Alternate costume
Alternate introduction screen
Alternate stages
Character statements
Character profiles
Voice actor names
Play as Assassin
Play as Cervantes
Play as Charade
Play as Berserker
Play as Lizardman
Play as Seung Mina
Play as Sophitia
Play as Yoshimitsu
Sub-chapter 2
Martial art demonstration mode
Extra arcade mode
Extra vs. mode
Extra survival mode
Extra practice mode
Extra vs. team battle mode
Arcade version opening
Home version opening
Demo theater and character bios
Slow-motion replay with camera control
Control loading screen
Soul Calibur weapons
Easy money
Easy ring outs
Regaining health
Higher ranking titles
Soul Edge Complete weapons
Turn jumps
Collection Data list
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Cheat Codes Soul Calibur 2