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Programmer save
Movie Theatre
Fight Arena
Spider-Missile Upgrade
Swing Speed 8 Level Upgrade
Wallsprint Level 2 Upgrade
Arcade mini-games
Reaching the arcade
Getting upgrades
Easier Completion of timed missions
Easy Skyscraper Tokens
Easy Hideout Tokens
Easy Hero Points
Fill Style meter faster
Alien Buster award
Anger Manager award
Automobile Avenger award
Balloon Popper award
Bane Of Petty Thieves award
Big Game Hunter award
Champ award
Crime Stopper award
Drenched Explorer award
Employee Of The Month award
Friend To Children award
Game Master award
Gold Medalist award
Good Samaritan award
Hardcore Gamer award
Hero award
Hero in Training award
Honorary Deputy award
Human Ambulance award
Knowledge Seeker award
Life Preserver award
Lifter of Spirits award
Lover Not A Fighter award
Master Explorer award
Mega Champ award
Mega Hero award
Partycrasher award
Shock Absorber award
Shutterbug award
Silver Medalist award
Speed Freak award
Stick Up Artist award
Sucker award
Superhero award
Tentacle Wrangler award
Thug Mugger award
Towering Explorer award
Vigilant Explorer award
Watch Dog award
Watchful Explorer award
Vulture Lair
Farther web swings
Loop swinging
Web Rodeo
Faster wall running
Holding Air Tricks longer
Free fall
Avoiding bad cop aim
Getting better moves and awards faster
Hang a thug on a streetlight
Human punching bag
Continue beating
Reaching Liberty and Ellis Islands
Destroying Orbs at the Statue Of Liberty
Following Black Cat
Saving the reporters from Mysterio
Saving Aunt May from Doc Ock
Reaching Liberty and Ellis Islands
Destroying Orbs at the Statue Of Liberty
Saving Doc Ock in First Encounter
Exiting Wall Of Mirrors in Mysterio's Apartment
Defeating armored power suits
Defeating blocking thugs
Defeating enemies
Defeating Bosses
Defeating Calypso
Defeating Doc Ock
Defeating Mysterio at the Speedy Mart
Defeating Mysterio at the Statue Of Liberty
Defeating Rhino
Defeating Shocker
Twin Towers location
Spider-Man: The Movie references
The Distillers reference
Mysterio's references

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