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Full health
Full Xombium bottle
Full ammunition for current gun
Full ammunition for ranged weapon
Full ammunition for Shotgun
Gonzo Gun
All items and weapons except for Gonzo Gun
Molotov cocktails
Increase negative karma
Overcome insanity
Bloody Torque
Clean Torque
Old movie mode
Psychedelic mode
New family picture
Wrinkled family picture
Dirty family picture
Commit suicide
Constant images
Playable introduction sequence
Monster Archives
Torque's Archives
Torque's Family Archives
Game trailer
Lighthouse gears
Filling Insanity meter
Getting Torque's last Insanity move easily
Torque actions
More revolver ammunition
Quick revolver reload
Gonzo gun
Extinguishing fires
Crossing the rock quarries
Passing through caves
Crossing the river
Destroying Dr. Killjoy's movie projectors
Defeating Fire Ghosts
Defeating the green smoke creature
Defeating enemies at the dock
Defeating Slayers
Defeating enemies
Iron Maiden references
The Crucible reference
The Ring references
The Shining reference
Tool references
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Cheat Codes Suffering, The