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Doors - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

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How To: Doors

Opening doors often triggers events that just waiting for a certain amount of time will not. For example, at the beginning of the Defense Ministry level, the first door you reach leads to a room with a security camera. When you use the optical cable, no other dangers are present. However, upon opening the door a guard opens the door across the room, which may make you panic and do something foolish. To prevent such events from occurring, use the Open Door Stealth feature. When you walk up to the door, hold A, press Left Analog-stick Down, and release A. You will open the door slightly. Next, press Left Analog-stick Down again to close the door. This will cause the scripted event (if any are set for that door) to go off. In the Defense Ministry example, doing this will get the guard to come in. Use the optical cable to see where he is. He walks behind a bookcase, then walks back to his desk. Once he sits down, open the door, crouch, walk slowly behind him, then whack or shoot him. Either leave him there or pick him up and drop him behind the bookcases. You can also grab him and knock him out behind the bookcase.
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