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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Cheats

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Cheat mode
Play as Daisy
Special meter always full
Perfect balance for rails
Perfect balance for manuals
Perfect balance for skitch
Raise stats to 13
Moon gravity
Matrix mode
Play as Daisy
Play as Eddie
Play as Jango Fett
Play as Mike Vallely
Carnival level
Chicago level
Big Head mode
Cool Specials mode
Disco mode
Flame mode
Gorilla mode
Hoverboard mode
Invisible mode
Kid mode
Sim mode
Slow motion mode
Super Blood mode
Clown's hair
Clown's head
Clown's pants
Clown's shoes
Eraser hair
Heart boxers
Kenny's head
King glasses
Metal head
Officer Dick's head
Officer Dick's shirt
Ollie's coat
Ollie's head
Ollie's pants
Paper bag
Smiley boxers
Homies Skatin' 1 FMV sequence
Homies Skatin' 2 FMV sequence
Kona Old School FMV sequence
Outtakes FMV sequence
Pro Bails 1 FMV sequence
Pro Bails 2 FMV sequence
Pro Skater FMV sequence
Baseball mini-game at Alcatraz
Hidden area at Carnival
Get eaten by an alligator at Carnival
Lumberjack mini-game at Carnival
Target practice mini-game at Carnival
Tennis mini-game at College
High voltage mini-game at College
Garbage truck mini-game at College
Slappers mini-game at London
Save The Sea Lions mini-game at San Francisco
Monkey Poo Dodge Ball mini-game at Zoo
Egg drop mini-game at Zoo
Rhino fight mini-game at Zoo
Entering aquarium at Zoo
Pro challenges
Easy stat points
Easy money
Skate sideways
View all FMV sequences cheaply
Play as hidden skaters
Special moves
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Cheat Codes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4