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Defeating Ganondorf - Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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How To: Defeating Ganondorf

When Princess Zelda shoots Ganondorf with a Light Arrow, walk up and hit him with a few sword combos. Once Ganondorf receives enough damage, line yourself up with Princess Zelda, so that when she fires a Light Arrow towards you, Link can deflect it off the Mirror Shield and hit Ganondorf. Once Ganondorf is stunned, move in and hit him with your sword. Repeat this until he is defeated. Also, when you finally find Zelda towards the end of the game, you will have to fight Ganondorf. Use your boomerang to cut the strings that hold up Ganondorf, then use a Light Arrow to hit the blue ball at the end of his tail. After three shots, he will turn into a spider. When he climbs the top of the room, adjust your camera to see his reflection in the water. Position yourself next to the blue ball, then wait for him to fall down. When he does, shoot his tail with your Light Arrow. He will then turn into a snake. You can hit his head with your sword. This will cause him to freeze for a moment. While he is frozen, you can shoot the blue ball with your Light Arrow. He moves very fast; do not hesitate to shoot him with your arrows. Additionally, Zelda will shoot Ganondorf with your Light Arrows. Start by avoiding Ganondorf 's attacks until he gets hit by the Light Arrow. He will be stunned -- quickly hit him with your Master Sword. Repeat this until he comes up to Zelda and hits her. Start hitting Ganondorf with Parry Attacks until Zelda wakes up. She will try to hit Ganondorf with the Light Arrows, but he dodges them. Avoid Ganondorf's attacks until Zelda says something. Now, she will use the Light Arrows to hit your Mirror Shield. When you see her aiming the Light Arrow at you, hold up your Mirror Shield. Once it hits your shield, it will hit Ganondorf. When he is stunned, approach him and wait for him to try to hit you. When he does, do a Parry Attack to defeat him.
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Cheat Code Defeating Ganondorf