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Megaman X: Command Mission Cheats

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Play as classic Megaman
Play as Proto Man
Hard mode
Japanese version
Megaman X intermission series
Action figures
Action figures (Japanese version)
X's Ultimate Armor
Lagrano Ruins Key
Absolute Zero Hyper mode
Challenges and rewards

    Buy 100 items: Tree Trunk Room picture
    Fight over 100 battles: Mouse Mech picture
    Fight over 500 battles: Yellow Scarf
    Play for 25 hours: Force Metals
    Achieve over 100 critical hits: X ninja version picture
    Activate over 100 final strikes: Retro Mech figures
    Save over 50 times: Save Process picture
    Defeat over 100 Preon series: Preon Army figures
    Defeat over 100 enigmas: Preon special figures
    Defeat over 500 enemies: Preon Special 2 figures
    Get 50 Force Metal recipes: Force Metal ore
    Use over 100,000 Zenny: Teleport device picture
    Gain over 100,000 experience points: Mini Mech figures
    MAX attack over 9,999: X's guns picture
    Play game for 10 hours: Justice picture
    Talk to citizens over 100 times: Armada picture
    Get over 10,000 experience points: Water Curtain picture
    Use action trigger over 100 times: X flying version picture

  • Optional Bosses, enemies, and rewards
    Defeating Preon Nurse
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