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Def Jam: Fight For NY Cheats

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Cheat mode
125th Street Station venue
7th Heaven venue
Club DTP venue at 7th Heaven
Club 357 venue
High Stakes venue at Club 357
Club Murder venue
Crow's Office venue
Gun Hill Garage venue
Hunt's Point Scrapyard venue
After Hours venue at Hunt's Point
Red Hook Tire Co. venue
The Babylon Club venue
The Chopshop venue
The Dragon House venue
The Gauntlet venue
The Heights venue
The Red Room venue
Cage match
Demolition match
Inferno match
Ring Out match
Subway match
Window match
Special moves
Defeating Crow
Play as Baby Chris
Play as Bless
Play as Bo
Play as Bone Crusher
Play as Bubba Sparxxx
Play as Carmen Electra
Play as Chiang
Play as Cindy J
Play as Comp
Play as Crazy Legs
Play as Danny Trejo
Play as Elephant Man
Play as Erick Sermon
Play as Fam Lay
Play as Fat Joe as Crack
Play as Flava Flav
Play as Freeway
Play as Ice T
Play as Joe Budden
Play as Kimora
Play as Lil' Flip
Play as Lil' Kim
Play as Ludacris
Play as Mack 10
Play as Masa
Play as Memphis Bleek
Play as Method Man as Blaze in costume 2
Play as Method Man as Blaze in costume 3
Play as N.O.R.E
Play as Omar Epps as O.E.
Play as Pockets
Play as Prodigy
Play as Rome
Play as Scarface
Play as Sean Paul
Play as Shaniqua
Play as Shawnna
Play as Slick Rick
Play as Snoop Dogg as Crow
Play as Solo
Play as Sticky Fingaz
Play as Sticky Fingaz in costume 2
Play as Teck
Play as Warren G
Play as WC
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Cheat Codes Def Jam: Fight For NY