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Legend Of Legaia 2 Cheats

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Special FMV sequence
Infinite Heal Leaf
Point Card
Ayne arts

    Soaring Axe: Press Left(2), Right(2), Down, Up (variable 2)
    Armageddon Star: Press Up, Down, Left(2), Right(2) (variable 1)
    Axe Crush: Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Right (hyper)
    Power Blade: Press Down, Right, Down (hyper)
    Raging Warrior: Press Right, Up, Left, Up (hyper)
    Firestorm: Press Left, Down(2) (hyper)
    Galeforce: Press Left(2), Up (hyper)
    Solid Blow: Press Down, Right(2) (hyper)
    Full Impact: Press Right, Left, Up, Down
    Tidal Wave: Press Up, Right, Down, Left
    Shockforce: Press Down, Right, Left
    Whirlwind Attack: Press Left, Down, Up
    Earthrazor: Press Right, Up, Down
    Disaster Master: Press Up, Left, Right

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Cheat Codes Legend Of Legaia 2