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Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Cheats

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Michelle's alternate costume
Michelle's second alternate costume
Jacuqe's alternate costume
Panda costume
Alternate ending sequence
Easy difficulty
Hard difficulty
Critical (Issen) mode
Oni Hard mode
Ultimate mode
Original Onimusha swords
Bishamon sword
Oni Musou
Adventures of Heihachi (Heihachi Buraiden) mode
Oni Shooting mini-game
Genma Puzzle mini-game
Secret training mode mini-game
Ako's Black Haori
Skip FMV sequences
Regain health
Infinite Genma Souls
Bypass Dark Realms
Defeating Guard Dog
Defeating Nobunaga
Use less magic during magic attacks
Deflecting critical hits

    Bravery: Successfully complete the game without saving.
    Critical: Kill over 40% of your enemies with critical hits.
    Defense: Take less than 5,120 damage.
    Explorer: Find all 23 Tengu chests.
    Offense: Kill over 3,000 enemies.
    Speed: Have a completion time of less than 5:00:00.

  • Defeating Guard Dog
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