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Mega 1-Ups: Vanilla Secret 2
The magic number
Eight it up
Coin formations
Quick points
Multiple 1-Ups
Two for the price of one
Negative gravity
Re-enter Castles and Fortresses
Musical Coins
5 for 5
Recycle P-Switches
Cool lava
Close encounter
Chocolate Secret
Backdoor of Bowsers Castle
Getting to the Special World
Changes Made after beating the Special Zone
How to find the green blue and red switches
"Gem" Mario
How to get to 3rd Star Road Entrance
Warp to Bowser Castle
Unlock the Star Roads
Unlimited Lives
Replay Castles
Extra Lives - Yoshi's Island 1
Extra Lives - Vanilla Secret 2
Extra Lives - Forest of Illusion 1
Extra Lives - First Ghost House
Classic Music
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Cheat Codes Super Mario World