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Easy Magic Experience - Fable

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How To: Easy magic experience

Get the summon spell and have some Will Potions ready. Try to find an area with a lot of enemies, or a Rock Golem. The arena is a good place to try. Wait until your combat multiplier gets very high. Then, repeatedly use the Summon spell. The first time you cast it, it will take off a good amount of your Will, but consecutive presses will only take a slight fraction off of it. Cast the Summon spell repeatedly as fast as possible. Each casting will give you Will experience. Use a Will Potion once your Will gets low enough. Run around to avoid getting hit by enemies to maintain your combat multiplier. It is possible to gain more than 3000 Magic experience points in one session. Note: You can also assign "Meat" to the D-pad and make sure you have a lot when your combat multiplier is high. Then, eat some to get lots of strength experience.
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Cheat Code Easy magic experience