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Foundation multi-player map
Infinite ammunition or power
Have the same primary and secondary weapon while not dual wielding
Using a destroyed machine gun
Banshee tricks
Stealing vehicles
Snipe from vehicle
Piggyback ride on vehicle
Rewards for straight killings
Melee, shotgun, melee combo
Plasma rifle, melee, shoot rage combo
Double whack energy sword combo
Faster reload
Accurate SMG Dwing
Lock on with rockets
Switch grenade types
Flying sword
Extra ammunition with dual wield weapons
Dual wielding recommendations
Defeating Brutes
Defeating Elites
Defeating Floods
Defeating Grunts
Defeating Hunters
Defeating Prophets
Defeating Regret
Defeating Royal Guards
Defeating the Scarab
Defeating Tatarus
Defeating hijackers
Defeating opponent that has an energy sword
Grunts Birthday Party mode in Arbiter
Sniping location in Blood Gulch
Envy mode in Delta Halo
Easy kills in Foundation
Get on top of level in New Mombasa
Blind mode in Outskirts
Assassins mode in Regret
Sword in Zanzibar
Easy kills in Zanzibar
Get on top of building in Zanzibar
Walk into middle of "Ferris wheel" in Zanzibar
Hidden message in Zanzibar
Hidden message
Jump faster
Active camouflage
At ease position
Change splitscreen orientation
2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 on 2
See cause of Pelican crash
Howard Dean scream
Blood Gulch reference
Fall through floor
Shoot into space
Hijack a Bansee
Hijack a Wraith
Melee combo
Infinite energy sword ammunition
Easy kills with swords
Defeating Tartarus
Get on top in Burial Grounds
Johnson's cigar in Cairo Station
Johnson floating hat in Cairo Station
Banshee snipes in Coagulation
Ride the walls in Coagulation
Grenade does not move in Colossus
Warthog in Delta Halo
Get on top of the level in Delta Halo
Sniping location in The Great Journey
Fly away in Metropolis
Extra Warthog in Outskirts
Use a Banshee in campaign in Outskirts
Invincible Sarge in Outskirts
Skull in Quarantine Zone
Get on rooftops in Zanzibar
Jump higher
Cancel loading sequence
Separated energy sword
Crazy gun
Stand in mid-air
Floating Master Chief
Flying Master Chief
Sword still appear while cloaked
Shaky hand
Grenade appears from Sentinel
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