Megaman Battle Network 2 Cheat Codes

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Megaman Battle Network 2 Cheats

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Hard mode
WWW area
Gamecube logo
SS license
SSS license
Easy S-busting level
Best Chip Trader
Getting free Navi chips
Easy Zenny
Navi Chip codes
Black Navi locations

    Black Navi 1: Underkoto
    Black Navi 2: Undernet area 6
    Black Navi 3: Netarea 2
    Black Navi 4: Yumland area 2

  • Airman Version 3
    Extra Damage from Airman Chip
    Geddon3 chip
    2xHero Chip Advance
    BigHeart Advance
    BodyGaurd Advance
    Curse Advance
    Darkness Advance
    PoisPhar Advance
    O-Canon1 Chip
    O-Canon2 Chip
    Z-Canon1 Chip
    Z-Canon2 Chip
    Zeta Cannon upgrade chip
    Subchip plus memory
    Secret chips (251 to 260)
    Get Sanctuary chip (266)
    Best regular chip
    Guard breaking chips
    Hidden power-ups
    Using Lavadragan, Godstone, and Oldwood
    Using Slasher
    Removing panels
    Transparent Mega Man
    Free look at a locked cube
    Element styles
    Blocking Fishys
    Shadow Wide Sword
    Third folder
    Battle Bass
    Battle Pharaohman
    Defeating Bass
    Defeating Gateman
    Defeating Gutsman
    Defeating Protoman
    Defeating Toadman v3
    Defeating Thunderman
    Defeating the V3 Navis
    Recommended chips
    Getting each of the five stars

      Yellow star: Complete the game one time.
      Green star: Defeat all four of the hidden bosses in the WWW areas.
      Blue star: Complete the Program Advance List. Darkness is not required.
      Red star: Get a data library of 250 chips.
      Purple star: Get all of the secret chips.

  • Styles
    Varswrd combos
    Punch techniques
    Recovery Deck
    Recommended Deck
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