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Paper Mario RPG Cheats

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Luigi clothes
Waluigi clothes
Wario clothes
Select Yoshi's color
Easy Star points in Creepy Steeple
Easy Star points in Glitz Pit
Easy upgrade in Hooktail's Castle
Paper Mario reference in Hooktail Castle
Easy HP and FP in Keelhaul Key
Infinite Turtly Leaves in Petalburg
Get a prize in Pinta Parlor
Easy money in Pit Of 100 Trials
Awards in Pit Of 100 Trials

    Sleepy Stomp Badge: Levels 1 to 10
    Fire Drive Badge: Levels 11 to 20
    Zap Tap Badge: Levels 21 to 30
    Pity Flower Badge: Levels 31 to 40
    Strange Sack: Levels 41 to 50
    Double Dip Badge: Levels 51 to 60
    Double Dip P Badge: Levels 61 to 70
    Bump Attack Badge: Levels 71 to 80
    Lucky Day Badge: Levels 81 to 90
    Return Postage Badge: Levels 91 to 100

  • Enemy tattle log information in Professor Frankly's House
    Secret door in Rogueport
    Ms. Mowz in Trouble Center
    Easy Star Points in Twilight Trail
    Jump on spiked enemies
    Mario's maze
    Ghost's name
    Keep clothes
    Paper Mario reference
    Defeating Gloomtail
    Defeating Hooktail
    Defeating Jabbies
    Defeating the Shadow Queen
    Infinite Coins in Petalburg
    Star pieces
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