Resident Evil: Outbreak Cheat Codes

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Resident Evil: Outbreak Cheats

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Hard mode
Very hard mode
Solo mode
Infinite ammo
Play as Bob
Play as civilians
Play as Doctor Hursh
Play as doctors
Play as firemen
Play as Frank
Play as Greg
Play as J's Bartender Will
Play as matchstick men
Play as Monica
Play as nurses
Play as Peter
Play as policemen
Play as scholars
Play as UBCS
Play as USS (Ussi)
Alyssa's alternate costumes
Cindy's alternate costumes
David's alternate costume
George's alternate costume
Jim's alternate costume
Kevin's alternate costume
Mark's alternate costume
Yoko's alternate costume
Alyssa's character collage
Cindy's character collage
David's character collage
George's character collage
Jim's character collage
Kevin's character collage
Mark's character collage
Yoko's character collage
Secret FMV sequence
Defeating giant leech
Defeating Hunters
Stopping your virus meter
Earn more points at the end of stages
Using the hiding feature
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Cheat Codes Resident Evil: Outbreak