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Viewtiful Joe Cheats

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Play as Sylvia
Play as Alastor
Play as Captain Blue
V Rated mode
Ultra V Rated mode
Super mode
Viewtiful Forever FMV sequence
Viewtiful World FMV sequence
Completion bonus
Japanese dialogue
Extra L.I.V.E.
Smash Caution things easily
Send missiles back at enemies
Put out fire
Cause more damage
Slow falls
Bus jump
Topless bar signs
Joe's name
Quick Viewtifuls
VFX power effects on items
Very fast attacks
Some like it Red Hot, Part 2
Fuzzy screen
Super Mario Bros. theme
P.N. 03 trailer
Episode 2
Shooting faster on your ship in Episode 3
Kill Harrier Jet faster in Episode 3
Episode 4
Destroy the tank in Episode 5
Defeating Gran Bruce
Defeating King Charles the 3rd
Defeating Rhino Davidson
Defeating the Boss with guns
Defeating the Boss with the ship steering wheel
Store items and cost
Boss list
Special moves
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Cheat Codes Viewtiful Joe