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Street Hoops Cheats

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Super block ability
Super steal ability
Power game
Fast clock
Perfect field goals
Easy steals
Shot release text
Disable momentum meter
Brick City uniforms
Clown uniforms
Cowboy uniforms
Elvis uniforms
Kung Fu uniforms
Pimp uniforms
Santa uniforms
Tuxedo uniforms
Court select ball
Black ball
ABA ball
Normal ball
Alternate clothing colors
Play as Dennis Rodman
Play as AO, Booger, Half Man Half Amazing, Headache, Hot Sauce, Speedy, The Future, The Main Event
Play as Master P and Lil' Romeo
Play as Xzibit
Play as Cypress Hill, DJ Muggz, and Bobo
Play as Half Man-Half Amazing
Play as Silk The Shocker
Play as Speedy
Play as B Real, Muggs, Bobo and the London Knights team
Athens Minotaurs team
Kinshasha Warriors team
San Juan Coquis team
Cypress Hill LowRider music video
Masta P Make Em Say Ugh & OOOHHWEE music video
Xzibit Front 2 Back music video
Volume 3 Mix Tape
Volume 4 Mix Tape
Volume 5 Mix Tape
Placing bets
Easy steals and stop fouling
Get past defender
Get more momentum
Easy money
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Cheat Codes Street Hoops