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WWE WrestleMania XIX Cheats

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Alternate costumes
Construction Zone revenge arena
Harbor revenge arena
Parking Lot revenge arena
Mall revenge arena
Extra revenge arenas
EX Special grapple moves
Revenge mode view in exhibition mode
All created wrestler items
Easy money
Easy wins
Easy win in Shopping Mall Mission 1
Ex Special moves
Do opponent's special
Unlocking Bosses
Play as Bosses quickly
Getting Stephanie out of the garage cell
Alternate chant for Kurt Angle
Rey Mysterio's 619
Chokeslam off Cell In Hell In A Cell mode and the stage
DDT on a chair through a table
Weapon grapples
Revenge mode camera angle in exhibition mode
Easy wins with Goldberg
Kane Unmasked
Dancing Stacy
Referee attacks
Break the table in Hell In A Cell match
Easy completion of Harbor round 4 revenge mode
WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship
Final Boss list

    01: Agent 001
    02: Bartender Bismarck
    03: Master Builder
    04: Ming Chee
    05: Rowdy Smith
    06: Agent 002
    07: Han Zo Mon
    08: Champ Bomber Head
    09: Black Widow
    10: Agent 999
    11: Kim Chee
    12: Jigoroh
    13: Behemoth
    14: Bouncer Jack
    15: Sgt. Gregory
    16: Victor Romanov
    17: Ai Kidou
    18: Riki
    19: Bacchus
    20: Yaksha

  • Boss counterparts
    Create a wrestler taunts
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