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Random message
Alternate ending sequence
Alternate dialogue
Final ending scene
Instant full life
Avoid falling death
Faster reloading
Alternate way to change weapons
Scooping up weapons
Extra ammunition
Extra shotgun ammunition
Easy kills
Double melee attack
Stronger melee attacks
Grenade rain
Blue shields
Faster Warthog weapon use
Moving flipped Warthog
Jumping in a Warthog
Use Warthog as sniping shield
Do donuts in Warthog
Warthog fun
Jumping in a tank
Wheelie in a Ghost
Double jump
Jump higher
Flying team members
Flying bodies
James Bond-style vehicle change
Survive almost any drop with any vehicle
Mobile explosion
Piggyback ride
Sneak up on radar in multi-player mode
Quick kill in multi-player mode
Defeating Covenants
Defeating Flood types
Defeating Grunts
Defeating Hunters
Defeating Jackals
Satisfying goals and challenges

    Kill a Hunter with a melee attack (let him rush sidestep, then attack).
    Kill a Golod Swordman with a melee attack (hit him with a pistol burst from very close, then immediately attack).
    Run over enemies with a Warhog.
    Blast groups of enemies with a Scorpion Cannon.
    Skip a major part of level 5.
    Shoot down a Banshee with a rocket launcher.
    Shoot down a Banshee from a Banshee.
    Finish the game in legendary mode.
    Playing through the entire game co-op in legendary mode.
    Taking out a friend (not in a vehicle) in multi-player with a plasma grenade.

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