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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Cheats

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Android #16
Android #18
Cell, Android #17, and Teen Gohan
Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome
Mr. Satan (Hercule)
Radditz, Vegeta, and Nappa
Saiyaman (Gohan's alter ego)
Super Saiyan ability (Goku only)
Super Saiyan ability (Vegeta only)
Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 abilities (Teen Gohan only)
Super Vegeta
Alternate background
Alternate level appearance
Random level
Tournament wins
Story mode replay
Attack boost
Charge your own energy
Easier combos
Extra Zenie
Allow two player custom skill level on one memory card
Using two custom characters with one memory card
The Dragon Balls
Get Dragon Balls quicker
Burst Zone
Restore life
Increased damage
Hidden area
Field transformation
Easy opponent damage in Kami's Lookout level
Adept Tournament Capsule
Advanced Tournament Capsule
Frieza's Space Ship Capsule
Gero's Perpetual Energy Capsule
The Legend Of Hercule (Mr. Satan) Capsule
Red Capsule
Super Trunks 2 Capsule
Trunks' Mystery Fiber Jacket Capsule
Extra capsule slot
Getting Capsules easier
Ki Ball tennis
Defeating Cell in all forms
Legend of Hercule
Real voice after transformation
More authentic dialog at beginning of the fight
Easy win
Destroying arenas
Alternate endings
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Cheat Codes Dragon Ball Z: Budokai